The Days of Complicated Digital SLR’s Are OVER!!!

Ready to move to the highest level of intra-oral photography, but worried the camera system will be too complex or heavy?


The latest Dine Digital SLR’s are designed to be significantly easier to use than previous digital SLR models. Lester Dine dental camera kits feature the Dine Mini Ring and Point Flash, a dental camera flash that is significantly smaller, lighter, and easier to use compared to generic ring flashes or dual point flashes. It is the only camera flash designed specifically for dentistry! Best of all…it works great!! Dine’s Mini Flash uses a flash power supply that is a fraction of the size and weight of traditional flash power supplies and offers the two ideal flashes for dentistry, the ring flash for intra-oral photography and the point flash for facial photography.

Plus Dine’s New Lens Standardization Guide makes taking dental pictures easy. Everything users need to know from the ideal spot to set the lens for anteriors, laterals, occlusals, 1:1, and facials are listed on the lens, as is recommended F:stops. The guide on the lens is literally a cheat sheet to simplify the photography.

All complete systems are sold as a kit with digital SLR camera body, the Dine Mini Ring and Point Flash, 90mm macro lens w/standardization guide (the traditional dental lens, ideal for photography of 2 teeth to facials), case, retractors, mirror, rechargeable battery, charger, memory card, reader, and lifetime telephone support.

Want to learn why the Mini Ring and Point Flash is the best dental flash on the market?

Check out this youtube video: Dine Mini Ring and Point Flash on

**For a limited time a Free live video webchat/tutorial is included with all digital SLR purchases

****Please note: We are often asked if older Dine Lenses and Flashes from 35mm cameras will work on the Digital SLR’s. Please be aware our older equipment WILL NOT work on the new digital devices. The flash metering system on the Digital SLR’s is different. We were forced to build completely new flashes for our digital cameras. These flashes will not work with the manual focus lenses sold with the 35mm camera. This unfortunate reality is true for all brands, makes, and models of our old film cameras. Please be aware the simplest and least expensive of our digital SLR’s are ideal replacements for our 35mm systems.

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