Dental Mirror

If you’re a dental practitioner then you know the importance of keeping your equipment updated and in good working order. This means everything from your x-ray machine right down to the dental mirror or mirrors you use.

With all the modern equipment available to dentist’s today, much of their work is still done or starts with a simple dental mirror! You may not think much of its importance but when you can’t find yours or notice that it’s dirty or even cracked, you realize how important it is to your practice. All the equipment in the world cannot take the place of a good manual exam, and the right dental mirror can mean seeing everything that’s necessary to find problems and to perform certain procedures.

You may not need to replace your dental mirror as often as you need to upgrade other equipment, after all, there is typically not much that can be done to upgrade and improve upon this reflective surface. However, you may be surprised at the newer models that are available today and how they can assist with treatments and procedures.

If you don’t have one that’s big enough or small enough to get into certain areas of a patient’s mouth, you may miss many problems and concerns. You might also want to consider a dental mirror that is hooked up to a bendable arm so that you can easily keep it in place without using one of your hands. Today’s models are typically smaller, more compact, and easier to use overall.

It’s also important to purchase the right dental mirror to use with your dental camera. Very often you need to get photographs of areas of the mouth that cannot be reached by the camera itself so the right dental mirror is important; this is more than the simple small rounded mirror you use manually. Typically titanium is used and they are often shaped differently so as to hold open the mouth and reflect the teeth and gums properly.

Knowing where and how to find the right dental mirror for your practice is imperative; they can be expensive and you need to budget the best way possible. Shopping online is always good because you can find many varieties without leaving your home or office; you also may find that you get better deals when you shop online because these sites are less expensive to maintain than physical stores. This can mean saving money on a dental mirror simply by purchasing online.

You can also get the right dental mirror for your photography if you purchase it from the same site where you buy your camera and other accessories. This is because it is sure to be the right shape and will also be the right materials to use for photography and not just for manual inspections. The right dental mirror can make a tremendous difference when it comes to patient care and to your practice overall.


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