Since the earliest days of Dental Photography, there have always been two different and very distinct markets for cameras. 25 years ago, we had customers choosing between Single Lens Reflex 35mm cameras and more simplified Polaroid Instant Cameras.

Today, we still see the distinct divide between small and simple and the highest level of picture taking via a camera that some may view as a more complicated camera. As a company that specializes in Dental Photography, Lester Dine has created a dental specific version of the small and simple camera, the Dine Digital Solution, and the Single Lens Reflex camera featuring the Dine patented Mini Ring and Point Flash.

The following will break down the two different style to help you choose the right camera for your practice.

The Dine Digital Solution

a little background: The Dine Digital Solution is a hand held camera that Lester Dine modifies for close-up use. Dine updates the firmware of the camera and effects the flash creating a completely unique photographic tool. No external attachments are used nor are any settings changed by the users. It’s as simple as zooming onto the subject, focusing and shooting. The camera will accomplish the full range of dental photography from the posterior quadrant (the traditional 1:1) out to facial with easy. The camera is capable of recording video of procedures as well

who is it for: Anyone looking for an uncomplicated means of taking the full range of dental picture…busy dentists and orthodontists, staff members, offices with multiple practices.

unique features: Besides being extremely small and lightweight, the latest version of the Dine Digital Solution is shock proof making ideal for use in a busy practice on a daily basis. It is also water proof and can be completely submerged under water to be sterilized. So it’s great in a surgical scenario or essentially anywhere anytime during the procedure.

Can’t I do the same thing with an over the counter camera or my cell phone: No!!! the Dine Digital Solution will meter the flash on your close ups properly and consistently. Your depth of field will be much better as well as your zoom capilbility. Plus you aren’t sticking your cell phone in your patient’s mouth 5 times a day!!

cost: The Dine Digital Solution is priced at $795 for a complete kit of Dine modified camera, intra-oral mirror, cheek retractors, hard case, memory card and reader.

And then your second option would be toward Digital SLR’s.


a little background: As the inventor of the Ring Flash, Lester Dine, has designed a flash specifically for dental purposes its called the Mini Ring and Point Flash. We couple our flash with a 90mm macro lens. On the lens we place what we call a dental standardization guide. The Guide is used to simplify photography noting the ideal spot to set the lens for all the most common dental subjects. The lens and flash can be placed on any Nikon or Canon digital SLR camera. The lightest weight and least expensive of those bodies will generally work just as well for clinical photography as the more expensive camera bodies as the nature of dental photography is such that you are merely scratching the surface of what the bodies are capable of.

who is it for: Lecturers, publishers, anyone who just wants the absolute best. Digital SLR’s will provide higher depth of field in comparison to the smaller hand held camera. The image just “pops” a little more, making it more appealing in a more quality crucial scenario.

Is it as difficult to use as it looks: NO!!! We find so many prospective customers are scared off by the SLR cameras because the look more intimidating. In reality, these cameras are all pre-set and ready to be used when you get them. You aren’t fiddling with settings at all. You are just using the body as essentially a vehicle to control your lens and flash. Ideally we recommend you choose as light a body as possible making the camera conducive to being held in one hand.

unique features: The Dine mini ring and point flash is unlike any other flash on the market. By combining the ideal flash for intra-oral photography, the ring flash with the ideal flash for portrait photography, the point flash, we truly offer the best of both worlds. You choose between flashes with the flip of a switch. The standardization guide that we put on our lens is also totally unique to Dine.

****Important note on the SLR’s the lightest weight and least expensive camera body options are all you need. There’s nothing to achieve by spending a lot of money on a camera body!!!

Haven’t figured out what’s right for you email us any questions at, call us at 1-800-624-9103 or message us on live chat.

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