Group Pricing for Students and Study Clubs

Are you a student, resident or study club member looking for the right dental camera?

Look no further, Lester A. Dine Inc. leaders in dental photography since 1952 and inventors of the ring flash specialize in camera equipment for dental students and residents. We are happy to put together the ideal camera kit for you.

Whether you are an individual or you are charged with finding a camera system for a large group, Lester A. Dine Inc. can assemble a package that contains the camera, lens, flash and dental accessories that meet your needs. Dine is happy to offer quantity discounts for multiple purchases as well as discounts on accessories such as intra-oral mirrors, cheek retractors, dental contractors, personal lens and more.

Please check out the digital SLR and Dine Digital Solution sections of our website for some fantastic camera options.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a quote on your next camera kit.

Please email us at, let us know what camera you are interested in (we are happy to offer suggestions) and what quantities you need.

Frequently asked questions:

Why buy from Lester A. Dine Inc.?

Lester Dine is the original inventor of the ring flash, we’ve served dental practices since 1952. All we sell is dental camera equipment; everyone in our office is versed in dental photography and here for the sole purpose of supporting you. Dine specifically designs your camera to be easy to use and to take great pictures. We are here to answer your questions via telephone or email through the life of your camera, whether your system is 1 day old or 25 years old.

Why the Dine Mini Ring and Point Flash as opposed to a Canon/Sigma Ring, a Metz wireless Flash, or the dual flashes?

The Dine Mini Ring and Point Flash is a unique combination of the ideal camera flash for intra-oral use, the ring flash, and the ideal flash for facial photography, the point flash. Users choose between flashes with the flip of a switch. No other flash on the market for dentists recognizes this very important need for two flashes. In addition the Dine flash is designed with the mindset that users will want to hold the camera with one hand and instrument (intra-oral mirror, cheek retractor, dental contrastor) in the other, so we designed a power supply for the flash that is much smaller and lighter than the ones found on the Canon and Sigma ring only flashes. The Dine flash also meters its light out put through the lens (TTL) with fantastic consistency and eliminates the flash fiddling found in wireless and dual point flashes.

What’s difference between buying from Dine and on-line electronics stores?

Most importantly service. When you buy a product from Lester A. Dine Inc., you aren’t only buying a product but also a staff of dental photography experts. We can pre-set your camera prior to shipping, we can offer you immediate telephone and email insight into a wide array of potential camera questions with answers specific to the world of dental photography. On-line wharehouses are in the business of selling and shipping products in quantity, they don’t employ specialized sales staff to work with the general public let alone customers with very specific needs like the dental photographer.

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