Macro Photography Tips

In the dental field you are going to find that you will have to learn more about macro photography or the art of taking close up pictures than you might want to. Most of us know how to take decent quality pictures of our families, the places we go on vacation etc. but, when it comes to take extreme close up pictures such as those required in modern cosmetic dentistry, it is a whole new world. However, with a few simple macro photography tips, you will soon be taking professional quality pictures of your patients’ teeth. The first and most important of these macro photography tips is to invest in the right equipment.

This is no place for a simple snap shot camera as not matter how hard you try, you will never get the kind of pictures you need. Start off by purchasing a high quality digital SLR camera. There are many different brands on the market, most dentists lean towards either Cannon or Nikon at the moment as they are producing cameras with extremely high resolution, which is ideal for dental photography. Next in our list of macro photography tips is getting the right kind of lens. When you buy a digital camera, it comes with a standard lens. It might be a zoom lens, but either way it is designed for average use such as those vacation pictures.

When it comes to close up pictures, this type of lens is not designed to focus on images as close as those you need for dental work, they will end up far too blurry to be of any use. You are going to need a macro lens; this lens is designed specifically to focus on objects that are only inches from the lens. The last of our macro photography tips for dentists is that you are going to have plenty of lighting for close up work, especially if you are taking pictures of the inside of your patient’s mouth. There are two types of flash you are going to need for dental photographs.

The first is a macro ring flash which consists of a ring that is attached to end of the lens. This flash provides complete lighting that leaves no shadows in the pictures so that you can see each tooth clearly. The second is a mini flash that is also mounted on the end of the lens and can be used for portraits and to provide shadows that can help you see the contours of your patient’s teeth.

These macro photography tips are brought to you be Dire Corp. a world leader in developing the equipment you need for dental photography. They are the inventors of the macro ring flash and many other items that are used exclusively for dental photography. Remember, half of the battle to take top quality photographs is buying the right equipment to do the job. With over 50 years in the business, Dire Corp. understands your needs and has a full range of photographic equipment to make your job easier.


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