Macro Photography

If you’re a dental practitioner of any sort you know the importance of macro photography, or photography that involves images very close up. These types of photos can see damage done to teeth and gums in time to reverse this course, and can also help with procedures that need to be done as well. Many types of dental practitioners perform small surgeries on the tonsils and sinus cavities and other procedures that help with snoring or sleep apnea, and the right macro photography can assist in this as well.

There are cameras and accessories made specifically for macro photography for dentists and oral surgeons, and you may think that your current equipment is sufficient. In some cases it may be, and in others it may be time to think about upgrading that equipment. When you consider what macro photography can do to improve your practice and your patient care, and how it can also mean adding services to your practice as well, this can help you to decide on improvements that need to be made.

Sometimes just a few new accessories can improve your macro photography, and the development equipment will of course affect the photos you get. The investment you make into newer equipment and better developing processes can pay off if it means paying less per print and letting your practice offer new procedures. One way of improving your macro photography is by using a reversing ring that reverses the lens on a camera.This reversing ring improves macro photography with a quick and simple change; this means the camera can continue its communication electronically for something such as open-aperture metering.

Using macro photography the way it’s used in forensic sciences will also assist in creating better patient care and in offering new procedures for patients as well. When you couple newer models of cameras and reversing rings with better software for developing the photos you get, you can clearly see microscopic issues with teeth, gums, and other oral issues. This means catching problems earlier, but this won’t be done if you’re not using the right software with your macro photography.

Better software for photo development means a clearer picture overall. Think of it as the difference between a high definition television and an older model that was blurry and unclear. The right macro photography will mean nothing if you don’t develop those photos carefully and clearly. Investing in newer software to develop your macro photography is another consideration for how to improve its use in your dental practice.

The cost of improving your macro photography, whether it’s through simple accessories or software, is returned many times over by way of better patient care. You can also then offer more in-house procedures that are needed for dental and oral health, whether it’s a simple lancing of the tonsils or a removal of fatty tissue along the soft palate, a common cause of sleep apnea. Using macro photography for these procedures is vitally necessary.

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