Intra-oral photography without a ring flash?!?!?

The new 16 mp Dine Digital Solution allows for complete intra-oral illiumination without the need for any bulky attachments. The flash built into the camera is capable of lighting all the way to the back of the mouth with ease. The camera can zoom to as close as 1:1 (intra-oral quadrant) or zoom out for facials. No bulky attachments are needed to allow for intra-oral photography.

This is by far the simplest and most efficient camera we’ve ever sold and ideal for any office hoping to go digital inexpensively and without the hassle of the more advanced camera systems. The camera is also highly durable and designed as both a shock resistant and water proof camera.

Click the product below to learn more.

or check out this video describing the camera and its many uses

***The latest camera model features 16mp resolution

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