Sigma Ring Flash

Sigma ring flash is perfect for subjects photographing in fine details, especially when the shadow-less mode is employed, and it works best also for medical and scientific applications. The model (EM-140 DG) is created to also function effectively with digital SLR cameras of different renowned brands.
The modeling Flash function of the product allows for shadows and reflections prior to taking the flash picture. Features such as high-speed synchro as well as exposure compensation functions are another plus when it comes to advanced flash photography.

Check for other features/benefits such as;
” Suitability for close-up photography, particularly scientific as well as medical applications.
” To achieve creative flash control, you can decide to switch off or switch on the flash tubes.
” The device is fully dedicated and has the most recent TTL auto exposure systems.
” High speed synchronization flash
” Wireless flash control

The Sigma ring flash EM-140 DG works with iTTL on a D70. This Sigma ring flash model is quite sturdy and is well-built.

The flash is attached to control head permanently; in other products such as the Nikon ring flash, the device is in two-parts making it sort of inconvenient when placed in your camera bag. The cable of this device is spring-coiled, so it stays neatly always out of the way; the cable is quite durable and adequately reinforced. The controls are designed simply so that even an inexperienced user can easily figure them out. The exposures of the device are also quite perfect and illumination of shots is also great.

Now, if you are shooting macro distances, the manual instructs that you switch to ‘A’ mode; when you get to this mode, you can set the bracket mode to change the flash; and the way it works is quite amazing. The battery life is quite commendable; you can take over 60 shots and still have the recycle time running quite rapidly. You can also experiment with the manual mode to see what result you will get.
Sigma ring flash features 58mm and 55mm; in comparison with other products such as Nikon, this attachment is much nicer and has been designed extraordinarily. Other sizes are available such as 62mm 72mm and 77mm – here’s a good place to check.

You can also visit Sigma official website to check out the various sizes available. Just like any other camera equipment, the only way you can prove the extra-ordinary features of Sigma ring flash is to get one and experiment with it. However, generally, the device helps you to achieve excellent shooting. The Sigma ring flash also works excellently for dental purposes. When you compare this ring flash and its macro lens feature with the ones that few other brands offer such as the Canon, you will discover that the extra dollars on the Sigma combo price tag is worth it. Whether for photography, medical or scientific applications, Sigma ring flash is a valuable device to accomplish these purposes. For more information on the device, check here.

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